Thursday, October 4, 2012

Reasons I love fall


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    1. Caramel apple, coconut cream, banana cream, pumpkin, peanut butter, peach, cherry, pecan for starters!

  2. John - i looooooove MEAT pies the best! i am not much of a fruit pie person but i could eat 10 meat pies a day!!! i like to make a thick beef stew and then stuff a pie with it. also, up here in Canada, we have tortierre which is ground beef and pork with a ton of spices - i like to make mine a little different than most but it is still tortierre. lastly - and with hunting season upon us - very fitting --- we have what is called C-pie (don't know why it's called that???). it is a pie made with pie crust, a layer of mashed potatoes, a layer of stewed venison, a layer of stewed moose and a layer of stewed rabbit topped by a pie crust. oh i love c-pie!!! oh and it being Canadian Thanksgiving weekend you can be sure that we'll have some turkey pot pie.

    teehee. i kind of went a little overboard eh? i just looooove meat pie!!!! your friend,

    1. Happy Thanksgiving to you. Sounds good. Never had moose. Venison, and elk are good. We have a lot of deer around here. Actually the deer are becoming as thick as flies. It is hard to drive down the road without hitting one. Same with turkeys. The elk are a couple hundred miles to the west as are the moose. Meat pies are good, and will add it to the list. Mostly we have just beef or chicken pies.