Thursday, March 29, 2012

Strawberry Fields For Ever

Carol  got the strawberry beds redone this week.  She dug up a lot of the plants.  We gave a bunch away, kept a bunch and the part that that was over run with grass I just tilled up.  Hopefully we can keep up with them this season.  Should be easier with the individual beds and the tank.

I went on what I call a research and development and foraging mission the other day.  Carol calls it repurposing. Actually I was scrounging around the junk pile.  Came back with the old stock tank, and three 16' cattle panels that the neighbors didn't want.  All stuff that will be used.

Early garden doing ok.  Lettuce is up in the cold frame.  Onions and beets are peeking through.  We ate our first bunch of asparagus this week.  Tasted gooooood!  A lot of the fruit trees are in bloom right now.  Especially the wild plum along the fence rows.  I think it is a little early.  The wild plums have tendency to suffer from frost-bite.  Our dwarf fruit trees in the yard are just starting to leaf out.  They should be okay.  Our Quaking Aspens are leafing out good.  This will be the first full season for them.  They should be colorful come fall. Looks like most of our current bushes made the winter.  Raspberries are starting to green up.  We planted more of them this spring.  Blueberries are still in question.

Time to go.  Things to see and people to do.  Wait a minute that doesn't seem right.  Oh well, onward and upward with the day.  God Bless-----johnnyb


  1. "... nothing is real and nothing to get hung up about..."

    I've just planted out my strawberry runners too :) Lotsa lovely strawberries next season LOL

  2. That will be a beautiful garden this Summer...well done to your lovely wife.