Sunday, March 4, 2012


China is planning a 11.2% increase in Military spending in 2012, and we are cutting ours?  What is wrong with this picture?  Just thinking--can you see the smoke?---johnnyb


  1. We send them our manufacturing.
    They learn and grow it.
    We send them our money.
    For the products they build.. billions of out going dollars.
    They allow only one child per family, where as most families have a male.
    Now they have thousands of young males with no females.
    What to do?

  2. What PISSED said....we're screwed.

  3. I find the fact that China and Russia have been strengthening ties and partnering with each other much more unsettling than their military spending. The Russian Military is the one to fear the Chinese have to spend several times the same amount on resources anywhere they go militarily than the Western Nations do. They must form an immediate police state whereas most Western nations don't bother with a police state until the people have become sheeple.

    Besides China would need to move against the Asian nations first and my bet is Japan will come out of their defense only stance if China became an aggressor.

    My bet is the increased military spending is for far flung resource purchases as security more than anything else. China bought large areas of farmland in Africa and other places and they will want to protect it. This type of protection will cost them as much as the U.S.'s empirical bases all over the planet.