Saturday, March 24, 2012


I have deleted the last post.  Seems the picture was not always there.  It would show on my computer sometimes, but not on others.  So I just zapped it to wherever zapped things.  I hope it ends up on some snoopy persons computer and screws it all up.

Looks like another nice day in the making.  Will get more done in the garden.  Carol's strawberry patch is running amuck, so we need to do something there.  A bad problem with grass in the patch, so we will dig up plants and till it good.

Chickens are doing good.  We have been getting 1/2 dozen every day.  Not too bad from 10 hens.  The four Silver Lace  Wyandottes have been molting, so they may not be laying.  Keeping us in eggs though.  We are dog-sitting our daughter,s  2 Yorkies.  They have never seen chickens before, so are being well entertained.

Time to get with it.  Coffee done, and all three cups are working their way through my system already.

Thought for the day-"You have enemies?  Good.  That means you have stood up for something in your life."--Winston Churchill.    God Bless---johnnyb 


  1. I have picture problems too, my friend...weird stuff happens to them...and sometimes others take them from us...grab some black (or clear) plastic, wet the strawberry beds, then cover with the plastic weighed down with rocks or lumber and it will sterilize the bed and kill the weed seeds and other little critters. It's a standard method here in Florida's big commercial strawberry fields and it has served me well too.

    1. Stephen--How soon before putting the plants in do you put the plastic down? We usually plant strawberries as perennials and thin as needed. This was our third year for this bunch. Grass became overbearing this year. Thanks for the tip.