Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ramblings of the week

I have been little slack on posting lately.  Been a lot going on.  The weather has warmed considerably.  Could even have record high temps for the next couple of days.  Still no moisture.  We started doing some garden work.  We put in the potatoes this week.  A little early, but we still had them in by St. Patrick's day.  We saved seed potatoes last year and stored them in the cellar.  They were starting to sprout, so we needed to get them in the ground.  We also got carrots and lettuce planted and will get onions,   and beets in this weekend.  Swiss chard is starting to come back.  I was hoping that it would.  I put the lettuce in a cold frame, so it ought to survive any spring surprises.  Some of the wildflowers are starting to peek through as well as the rhubarb.  Garlic is up and doing well.  I still have some parsnips to dig up.  I think I will make some veggie chips out of some of them.  Our tiller went belly-up about half way through, so we had to buy another.  I'm getting too old to spade up a whole garden.  Been there, done that.  The chickens are doing ok.  They started laying eggs this week.  They've been laying 2-4 a day.  They and the dogs are starting to tolerate each other a little more.  They are still lunch in the eyes of the dogs.  The black lab will sit and watch them and just drool.  Slobber will hang all the way to the ground. (Turner and Hootch).  the rooster has finally getting his voice box loosened up.  It wasn't pretty for a while, but amusing.

We spent a day this week across the line helping our daughter with her house.  She has put it on the market and there were a few things that need done.  It has been shown a few times and the agent was expecting a busy weekend.  She is doing better,  but still has those days.  Days where she is lower than a whale turd and days when she is so mad she wishes someone was a whale turd!

I hope everyone has a good weekend, and I hope everyone will spend some with the Lord and His Word.  Every day should be a day of worship, but if today is the day you gather together--Happy Sabbath.  If it is tomorrow, have a good day of fellowship and strengthening of our ties with Him.  We need to pray continually for this great Country.  I am sure you will all agree with me in the fact that there are some very troubling times ahead and we need to keep the faith in order to be able to face those times.  That and a lot of dry powder!

God Bless--johnnyb


  1. Sounds like you have been super productive! :) Always a good thing.

  2. "I'm getting too old to spade up a whole garden. Been there, done that" Oh how I remember those days, you did the entire backyard garden by hand!!!!