Thursday, March 1, 2012

I want to wish everyone out there in blog land a very Happy March 12.  What is it we are celebrating?  I have not a clue!  I imagine that for somebody it is a glorious day, commemorating a memorable occasion, but for most of us it is just another day, another $.25. 

Stepped out the door this morning, bracing myself for the gale force winds that have blessed us for the past week, and almost fell over.  There was no wind!  Could not believe it.  I think my weather rock blew away!  Can't find it and the visibility is good.  Oh well.  I'll have to put up another one.  It was probably going around and around so hard that it come loose.  I haven't seen any dead critters in the yard, so it must have went farther on.  I will have to check the neighbors windows to make sure it didn't go through one.  But then again I am not sure which direction to look.  Yesterday it changed direction three times while I was walking to the mailbox!..
We missed the nasty storms and tornadoes this week.  They built about 100 miles east of us.  My prayers go out for those that were not so lucky through the midwest. 

Time to go and be useful.   BTW.....I just remembered why this is a glorious occasion for me---I woke up breathing this morning!!!   Always starts the so much better that way. 
God Bless all--johnnyb


  1. LOL and Happy 1 March 2012 to you too :)

    Got a lot done - I'm exhausted, but at least I don't have t face tomorrow what I faced today, so that's a bl**dy good reason to celebrate this day :)

  2. well i'll cyber cheers to that for sure - happy march 2012! lets make it a brilliant month, what we think we create! :) btw glad to here the storms miss you