Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hunting Season

Beautiful fall weather. A little dry, but nice temps. Been good weather to just be out doing something. Pheasant season opened this week-end. Will run through the end of January. Sounded like a war zone around the countryside yesterday. There are some friends coming in Wednesday from Colorado to do some hunting. They are son's of a very good friend who has a house near us. Then in December he will be here with a bunch of guys to hunt for a few days. A couple of them will stay in our cabin, so will need to get it finished up. I enjoy pheasant hunting, but don't care much for the meat. I'll eat it, but would rather leave it for others. Besides that I don't have a shotgun. Authorities frown on me using my 54 cal muzzle loader. No sense of humor there. There seems to be a lot of birds in this area. East of us the weather was a little harsher this past spring and summer, killing a lot of the birds. Deer season will start next month. Quite a few deer also. There has been some wasting disease infecting the white-tail population. I understand the mule deer aren't infected. Plenty of both.
People come a long ways to hunt the game around here. They traipse around the weeds, snow, cold, sit in tree stands, and love every minute of it. The funny part of it is, I can sit in my yard and daily see deer, pheasants, turkeys come within rock throwing distance. I must be getting lazy in my old age. I have always enjoyed hunting, but unless I have to, I am just happy to let others try to keep the wild population in check.
Quote for the day--"I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle." Winston Churchill.

God Bless all and have a good day--johnnyb


  1. John, you really need a shotgun...just saying.

  2. Stephen-Been thinking on that very thing. Good home protection.