Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cabin pics

Finally, the inside of the cabin is done. It has been quite a process, but fun to do. Next year we will build a porch. As you can see we have a "faux" (pallet) porch for now. Need to replenish the wood supplies. The first picture is right after we bought the place. I think there is some other pics on some older posts that show the "mess" we bought. When the second pic was taken, I wondered how it was going to work. Nothing was square, or plumb. But oh well here goes! The electrical, insulation, sheet rock for the ceiling, front door.and 2 X 6's for the floor joist were new materials. Everything else was repurposed, beg, borrowed or stolen. Just joking. Nothing stolen. The walls are old house and barn siding. Most of the wood was bare from the elements. Just took a little scraping and cleaning and they were ready to paint. They soaked up a lot of paint. Not all of the siding was the same type. The house siding was a different width than the barn siding. Didn't pay any attention to it. Didn't care. Gives it the look we were after. The back door was an old door I found lying around. The hardware was from the old house I am tearing down. The latch and door knob are the old flush mount type. That is all that was in the old house on the doors. I think most of them work. Some of the lumber was dimension lumber, so I had to plan accordingly. The floor is from pallets. One sanding, stain,and polyurethane and it was good to go. It is done and ready for occupancy the first of December.
Quote for today--"If you don't read the newspaper you are uninformed, if you do read the newspaper you are misinformed."-- Mark Twain

Have a good weekend, be safe and God Bless--johnnyb


  1. Nice. When you say the floor was made from pallets do you mean you removed the slats off of em and used that as floor boards?

  2. Pioneer Preppy--The pallet runners were 2 X 4 X 32" long. We laid them flat down across the floor joists.

    Thanks MDR.

  3. Looks nice, John, you do good work.

  4. Mad Dog and Englishman--Thanks.