Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cabin pics

Just a couple of pics of the inside of the sleeping cabin we have been working the past few months. The floor is recycled from 2X4 pallets, each 32" long. Went over them once with a commercial sander, stained, and we have put two coats of polyurethane as a top coat. The walls are old house and barn siding from an old house that I am tearing down, sanded and repainted. Only thing left is one door to hand, trim around windows and walls, and paint the ceiling. We have pheasant hunters staying in it the first of December, so everything is going ok.

MDR--I did't recycle nails or screws either. The nails were the old square nails. I've kept a lot of them, just because. Funny story--One day I was in the hardware store and I showed a square nail to the person waiting on me and jokingly asked if they had anything like that. She said she didn't think they did, but they could probably order some. (She was serious!) I told her I would just use what they had on the shelf. I hope she doesn't try to order some.

The other picture is an early morning in NW Kansas. God Bless all and keep up a smile. It will make others wonder what you are up to.---johnnyb


  1. John - Your floor is stunning!! And you recycled pallets! Brilliant :)

    That must've been a labour of love to install - reckon you can be right proud of yourself!

  2. Looks great and I bet you've a few sore muscles for the effort.

  3. I love that floor, it's a great use for pallets! we made a chicken house from some a few years back :)

  4. Yes there has been some sore muscles. We are both feeling some soreness from the work. Isn't as easy as it used to be. It is very enjoyable to do.
    We are planning on a chicken house from pallets next year.
    Thanks all!

  5. Just flat beautiful, I can never get the pallet wood to come off without breaking.
    When I built my house down on the farm I used old fence pickets for the floor. After coating them with polyurethane they looked burnt. Loved it.
    That was a good story on the nails. I would have pushed it a little further and waited and had her try and find the price in the catalog. That's bad I know.
    Great job, thanks for sharing.

  6. I was tempted. I was lucky with the pallet wood. The manufacturing place had already taken them apart. thanks for stopping by.