Monday, November 21, 2011

Guard Dogs and Lampshades

Here is a picture of two of our dogs in their daily routine of protecting the property. They diligently check every little thing to make sure that all is well. Here they are checking the inside of their eyelids.
Boy I feel safe!

As I stated before, we repurposed a lot of stuff for the cabin. Lamps and lampshades among them. We had these old fixtures we were going to use, but the lampshade weren't in the best condition. So the artist and craftsman came out in Carol and she took care of that situation. She hot-glued sticks to the frame of the shades. Took a lot of sticks to do the two shades. I think they came out real good and kept with our theme of "rustic". I didn't escape the project entirely. I was the stick gatherer and all around "gofer' for the project.It is always fun to do things like this, especially when they are a success. In the back ground of the second pic, you can see the dogs are still on duty. Dinka is making sure the ceiling is ok. Nothing is going to intrude from that direction! Bella is just bored.

Cold this morning. 10 above. Should warm into the 40's today. Almost 70 on Friday and then the weekend turned to doo-doo. 30's all weekend.
Time to go for now. I should really do something besides drink coffee all morning.

Quote for today--"No man's life, liberty, or property is safe while the legislature is in session".-- Mark Twain (1866)
God Bless all--johnnyb


  1. I think its a conspiracy, my dog acts the same way.

  2. Wow, those lamps look brilliant, such a simple idea too. Im really loving the rustic vibe your going for, can't wait to see final, all done pics :)

  3. Matt-Could be.

    Astra-Thanks. More pics on last post.