Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dreary day

Cold, cloudy ,misty, snowy, and the wind is supposed to be on the way. All the ingredients for a crappy day. We could get a few inches of snow. They keep changing the forecast, so we don't know what is coming. Hope everyone has missed earthquakes, tornadoes the past few days. We didn't feel any shaking in NW Kansas,but farther east they did. Bad weather was southeast of us yesterday. Had a few drops of rain was about all.
For everyone living south of here, there are a bunch of geese headed your way. They usually have gone through by now, but yesterday they had it in road gear, south bound and glory. After about 3 circles, I heard the lead goose holler at the ends of the V to "put their butts on suck and hang on, 'cause it might get rough!"
Thought for the day from Thomas Jefferson--" A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have."

God Bless all today---johnnyb


  1. 'Ole Tom was a sharp guy, wasn't he. Seems to me you have a great day for a good book or two and a hot cup of coffee...enjoy.

  2. I am weird, I love dreary days. As for geese, we have Canada geese that live down here all year, they never leave. I think they are 'welfare geese', to lazy to fly or work just sit around and eat.

  3. Stephen--That was about it for the day. The storm fizzled. Ended up just being dreary.

    Duke--We have some of those "welfare geese" around here also.