Saturday, July 2, 2011


Once again it is time to celebrate the birth of the greatest nation on this earth. I pray that it can continue to be just that. I ask God to guide those that are have been put in the position to make the right decisions, though I am beginning to think that right decisions are not of the greatest concern to those in leadership positions. But anyway have a good and safe 4th, and may God bless all.

We started canning yesterday. Making jam from last years fruit. Need to get the freezer cleaned out for this years stuff. We set up a woodburner as kind of a summer kitchen. Keeps from heating up the house. I was going to get a fire going this morning, but it is raining. Who would of thought....rain in NW Kansas in July! Oh well. Should blow through in a bit and I can get it going. I need to make an enclosure of some kind.

Quail chicks are doing well. They are getting more and more airborne every day. Landings are a little out of control sometimes, but they are learning. Need to get an outdoor pen for them built. They will be ready soon.

Garden doing ok. Will pick some squash this weekend. Muskmelons and watermelons are in bloom. Beans have set on. So nice to have fresh veggies.

Thought for the day on a sign in the widow of local seed store, and I don' know who to give credit to---" The smell of a crowded elevator is different to a midget"--johnnyb

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