Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday morning

I am passing this along from a good friend's blog--"Take a scripture and make it your own. Personalize it." Thanks Carolyn! I commented to her that I used to do that,but had let it fall by the wayside. Need to restart that. Such a simple thing. We need to hold on to those "simple" things that He provides for us. Sometimes we have a tendency to let the stresses of everyday life overpower our spiritual lives. He is always there for us. Are we always there for Him?
Had a small shower of rain last night. Larger totals in the area. Some flash flood warnings last nite over on the Colorado/Kansas border.
Picture of granddaughter and her and grandma's project this week. Laura has just moved to different house and different town. This is going to be put on her porch. They had fun doing it. Also picture of floor in cabin.
Keep up the faith and "keep on keepin'n on!---johnnyb

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  1. LOVE the sign. Gotta make me one!! Hope some of that rain comes this direction! hugs and love