Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ramblings again

Looks like it may be another scorcher today. Hasn't been as bad here as in other places. We have been eating from the garden lately. Potatoes, cucumbers, squash, beets and beans have made it to the table. Tomatoes have not ripened yet. Muskmelons and watermelons have set on. Can't wait for that. We have frozen some squash and beans. Hasn't been enough beans at one time to fire up the canner. Rabbits munched on the plants earlier, so they are in varying stages of ripening. Grasshoppers are also helping themselves to meal also. Guess I shouldn't have kept the weeds pulled from around the perimeter of the garden. Carol helped a friend can meat yesterday. She had never canned meat so Carol helped her. Good addition to the pantry.
Quail are doing well. Growing real good. Will introduce them to the wild soon. Be nice to get quail going again around here. We see a few ,but not many.
Been able to catch some good shots of clouds lately. Will include a couple. Also a couple of the house when we bought it almost two years ago, and today.

Till later---johnnyb

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  1. Yall have done a lot of work. Your place looks good.