Monday, July 25, 2011

Another week

Another week started. Another month about over. Friend on Facebook informs all that Christmas is 5 months from today. Yippee!!!! Makes my day. Nothing new with weather. Heat and humidity. Not used to high humidity. Usually just hot. Dogs don't even like to go outside for a very long length of time. Oh well. It's summer. It is supposed to be hot. I chose to live here, so it does no good to complain. Things could always be worse. At least we have had some rain during the month, which is unusual.
Granddaughter is here for a few days. Really enjoy having her here. I always tell her she is my favorite granddaughter. Her reply "but Grandpa I am your only granddaughter"! She is a neat girl. Be in the eighth grade this year. She has just moved to a different town this summer, so will be starting a different school. She will do fine. Kids adapt so much better than adults sometime. She helped me in tearing down part of an old house today. This afternoon she helped Grandma with some projects. Grandma also teaching her to crochet.
Will use some of the lumber to finish off the floor in our sleeping cabin. The old wood is so much better quality than what can be bought. The person who bought the property will eventually burn it.. Told me to get what I wanted. No sense letting it go to the burn-pile. Never know what I will be building. A chicken coop is in the plans by next spring. Some of the original part of the building was built with square nails. Will save those that I pull. Some of the door hardware in the house was kind of neat. Salvaging all that I can. Was somebody's dream at one time. A lot of those in the country. Kind of sad. Signs of the times. Are we headed there again? After watching what has been going on in Disneyland North the past few weeks I have to wonder.
Keep up our faith in the Lord. Pray for those that are supposed to be leading this country, and may God bless all.---johhnyb

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  1. "Things in this country are very sad." Very true my friend, very true.

    God bless.