Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Just ramblings again

We have had some storms the past few days. The rain is welcome, but Saturday evening we had high winds and torrential rain. Sustaining winds in excess of 70mph lasted about 30 minutes. Lot of damage in the area. Lost a few shingles and some tree limbs. Blew the garden around quite a bit, but is recovering. Some areas had it a lot worse. We've had over 4 inches of rain since Saturday and more on the way.
Quail are doing ok. We built an outdoor pen for them today. they seem to like it ok. Just driving the dogs crazy. They are all Lab mixes, so they going waacko.
Don't know if they will get used to them or not. Be a couple of months before we release them into the wild.
Hope everyone had a good 4th. Good time to remember this great country and what it stands for. Seems too many are forgetting.
I won't even go into the Casey Anthony trial!! I could, but I won't.
Quote for the day--"Deliberate often--Decide once" (Latin Proverb)
God Bless all---johnnyb

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