Thursday, July 28, 2011

Just can't think of a good title today

Tomatoes finally started ripening. Had some for lunch yesterday. They tasted wonderful. I am surprised that they have lived through what mother nature has put them through since they were planted. Had a light frost after they were planted. Three bad storms of winds in excess of 80 MPH, and small hail and grasshoppers. Cucumbers have produced fairly well. And of course there is the squash. We have a friend that makes zucchini bread quite often, so we keep him supplied. I think next year we will only plant patty pan squash. Can't beat the taste. First year that we have planted any. Enjoying it a lot. Cut the top off, scrape a little out, put butter and brown sugar in the hole. Put lid back on, wrap in aluminum foil and on the grill. Very good.
My prayers go out to those in the very bad drought areas that cannot get a good garden going. I would share if I were closer.
Finished most of the floor in our sleeping cabin yesterday. Got one board left to put in that I have make some different cuts. The floor is just pieces of 2 x 4's, but will look neat when finished. We are going for the rustic look, so perfection is not a thing.Most of the boards were just salvage material. Used a couple of new boards. I lacked a few from the porch I tore down to finish yesterday when a neighbor brought over a stack of 2 x 4's from shelves he had torn down. couldn't have come at a better time.
Granddaughter here for another day. We have really enjoyed her. Will miss her when she leaves. Took her for pizza at nearby bar and grill last night. Pizzas are large so will have leftover for lunch today also. She and Grandma have been doing various project. Maybe pics next time.
Quote of the day from somebody whose name I can't remember--"Nothing isn't all bad once you get used to it!"
If things don't change that may become a way of life. I pray daily for the way thing are being run in this country. God must just shake his head in amazement. I will say it again, and will probably say it again and again, how can adults that we have elected to run this country, that we trust our future in, and that are supposedly well educated act so childish and self centered. All they care about is themselves and the fact as long as they spend one term in office, they are pretty well set for the rest of their lives. I think it is time that there are some more changes made. Thought maybe after the 2010 elections it would, but I guess not. I think a kindergarten class could do a better job of running things. At least they would have some common sense.
Later. God Bless all and this great Country.---johnnyb

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  1. The squash sounds interesting! I've been canning tomatoes for a couple weeks now! Finish the beets and beans today. Hot and humid.