Saturday, September 8, 2012

End of the week ramblings

Good Saturday morning to one and all.  As the end of the week rolls around and I reflect on the week, I don't see much of a reflection!  Nothing new in that  den of iniquity I call Disneyland North ( Washington DC).  With the Conventions over with and the Democrats have let it be known everything that the Republicans are wrong about.  That's about all they can talk about, because they can't brag on their record.  That's all I will say.  I will leave the politics to someone else.  My blood pressure gets too high when I talk or listen to politics. 

 What is new here in our little part of paradise that is about to dry up and blow away.   It is a beautiful fall morning.  Temps in the low 40's.  Such a relief from the summer heat.  I even had to let the hem out of my pants.  I needed longer shorts this morning.  Ones that go all the way to my shoes.  I am getting wussy in my old age.  Gotta keep everything covered.  Can't afford to let anything shrivel up anymore.     Before anyone gets to taking this wrong,  I was talking about the hair on my legs. Anything else is way more information than anyone needs to know. Anyway beautiful weather the past day or so.  Just hope it continues.  Still no moisture to speak of. 

The quail were released into their natural habitat last week. Even with the drought their are still some springs running in the area with lots of cover around, so there were some decent places to release.  We just hope that they survive the winter ok. 

With the quail gone, we moved the chickens into their new and larger home.  They seem to be enjoying the extra space.  Foghorn, Stud Muffin Extraordinaire of the coop, has a little more trouble catching the "ladies".  He seems to be getting more exercise.

Watched our Grandson play football last nite over in Nebraska.  It was a good and they won 20-13.  They have him listed at 6'2, 295 pounds.  I don't think he is quite that big, but close.   It is enjoyable to watch him play.  Offensive lineman with some college prospects.  Hope the best for him in whatever he does.

Garden is done except for the tomatoes.  There are a lot of tomatoes on the vines, just late because of the summer heat.  I just hope frost will hold off, but I don't think it will.  We may be ripening tomatoes under the bed! 

God Bless all and keep smiling.  It will make others wonder what you are up to!


  1. I'll try and send rain your way. I have this nice loincloth, attired in it I do a mean rain dance. Your grandson sounds like NFL material. Take care.

    1. That would be nice. We have a friend in Palm Beach who says he has to keep emptying his rain gauge because it is running over. We haven't had 5' of rain in the past year. Not sure about the loin cloth. Could be scary! Just kidding!! Thanks for the comments.