Saturday, September 22, 2012

Friday Football and other things

We watched our Grandson play football last nite.  It was a good game as they won 34-12.  4 wins, 2 losses.  Couple of big games coming up and then District play.  Hope they can get into play-offs.

Grandson is the "healthy" one on the left, with a couple of the running backs. He does a good job of blocking for them, as do the other linemen.   Good bunch of boys.  Some of the boys have a chance at college ball. It was a beautiful evening for football.  Light jacket later in the evening.  As usual I had to partake of the food concessions.  Senior parents put it on and I might say they do an excellent job of it.  Brauts, Killer Nachos, popcorn,  plenty of Diet whatever to wash it down and plenty of anti-acid to finish the evening off.  Don't get much better than that.

Haven't got much planned for today.  Maybe a game and a nap, not in any particular order.   Then it will be off to the local bar where I have volunteered my services for the evening.  Gives me a chance to catch up on the local color and gossip.  That is always interesting. 

Not much to add for this post.  I will leave off here before I get to rambling on aimlessly about nothing.

God Bless All--johnnyb


  1. congrats on Grandson's win and it sounds like you had a really enjoyable night! oh do come back and tell us everything that happens during your volunteer time at the bar - teeheehee - i know - my bad!

    your friend,

  2. Nice looking trio and a strapping young grandson there. You are blessed.

  3. Nothing quite like a cool, crisp Fall night watching High School Football. Cheap entertainment too.