Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday on the High Plains

Been a fairly decent week, weatherwise. Actually hasn't been too bad of a week period. Weather has cooled a little. Had a little moisture earlier in the week. Tomatoes are not doing well. We are getting a few. Not enough to can. I am hoping that frost will hold off long enough so that we will get some for canning. A lot setting on, but will have to hurry. Have been dehydrating a lot this week. Mostly squash and squash seeds. Dried one batch of basil. Have more to do. Some beets and corn. All turning out well.
The quail are doing well. They will be released into the wild next week. Has been a very interesting project. Planning more next year. All wild birds in the area are doing well this year. Seems to have been a good new crop of turkeys and pheasants. We have a couple of families of turkeys that walk down the road in front of the house in the evenings. Nine young ones the other day. Drives the dog crazy! They are not sure what to think of them.
I hope this finds all who read this to be strong in their faith and pray for those who are not.
God Bless and this great country.----johnnyb

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