Monday, August 15, 2011


Here we go. Start of another week. We had a nice rain last nite, so maybe that is a good sign to start the week. At least the weather has cooled for a few days, and the garden is doing a little better. Picked our first watermelon this weekend. Gooooooooooooooood! Damn good as a matter of fact. Sliced up some beets and dehydrated them They turned out very good. Also dehydrated some squash seeds and some corn. Also turned out good. This was kind of experimental, and I will do the next a little different. Plan on doing some squash slices also. I sprinkled garlic salt on one batch of beets, and just salt and pepper on the other. Carol thinks I got too much pepper on them. They are a little sharp, but good. They are something to throw in a BOB. Plan on doing more. It's all food. May come in handy some day.
Quail chicks are doing well. Will probably be released in the next couple of weeks.Going to miss the little "peepers". Has been a fun thing. Will probably do it again next year. Learned a lot about them.
Have more to add, but have to think on i a little more.

Thought for the day--DILLIGARA--Do I look like I give a rats ass!

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