Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bad storms

There were some bad storms went through the area night before last. These pictures were taken in McCook Nebraska.Baseball size hail, and reports of up to 4" of rain. Trees look like winter time. The one picture used to be a corn field. The corn had been over 6' tall. WalMart had to close overnight to assess and rep

air damage. We were lucky here. We are about 20 miles south. There were 4 different storms that went through. Was possible tornadoes about 12-15 miles west of here. We ended up with about an inch of rain with some golf-ball size hail, but not enough to do any damage. I know there is a lot of areas that would like some rain, but these severe storms do not do much good. Once again my prayers go out to those in the drought areas.
Thought for the day--To handle stress like a dog--if you can't eat it or play with it--pee on it and walk away!
God Bless---johnnyb

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  1. Man! That vinyl siding sure took a hit. Never seen anything like that.