Friday, August 5, 2011


We finally got a little moisture last nite. About 3/4 inch here. Some areas had hard rain, flash flooding wind, and the usual storms that do no real good. Just thankful for what we got. I don't want to sound like I am bragging about the moisture because I am not. Too many parts of the country are suffering from severe drought. All thoughts and prayers go out to the people in these areas. Some of these people have become friends through the blog network. I value the good thoughts and ideas that they take the time to put on their blogs. I wish that there was more that I could do for people in these areas, but prayers are the best I can do.
Haven't looked at any news today. Probably nothing there worth spending time on. Did check the obits and my name wasn't there. Always starts the day off better when your name isn't there. Easier to plan your day also. Family doesn't have to bother with it then.
Found out the quail chicks like watermelon. They crowded around it as if it was a lunch counter. They are very enjoyable to watch. Hard to observe quail in the wild, so this has been a real experience. Five of the the little "peepers" got out the other morning. I caught them all, but it was a chore. Was my own fault that they got loose.
God Bless this fine country and the good people who are just trying to survive. Be prepared. I think it can only get worse!---johnnyb


  1. My prayers right back at 'ya my friend. You have a nice blog here. You raise quail? Must be nice.

  2. We are raising them for a friend. He is trying to get them repopulated in the wild. They winter killed a few years ago during some bad blizzards. May be fruitless, but it is worth a try.

  3. I ended up repopulating the area with my quail a couple of months ago. Not by choice of course, but some are still around. I hear them whistling at around sunset every night.

  4. I had a few get loose the other day. Screen door. Sound familiar? I got them in before they made it over the yard fence. Good to hear they are still around with the weather you have been having.