Saturday, August 27, 2011

Just hello

Been a pretty good week. Drove to Hays KS on Tuesday to meet a Navy buddy of mine. We were stationed on the same leaky tin can in 66 & 67. then he went on to bigger and better things. He stayed in for 26 and I got out after 4. He was a Nuke. We kind of lost touch for about 40 years, but thanks to the e-age we got together a couple of years ago. Was a nice visit. First time my wife had met him. He lives in Jacksonville, Fl. Was on business in Kansas.
The quail were introduced into the wild this week. Kind of sad to see them go. We set out 5 coveys of 20-25. One is not too far from the house. We saw them last night. Looked like they were out for an evening stroll.
The picture was taken last nite from our back yard. The turkeys were just sitting on the fence doing whatever a turkey does on a fence. There were two chicks with the hen. The dogs looked like they were planning the attack when I took the pic. Actually they are not sure what to make of the big "birds". The wildlife is plentiful around here. Always seeing something. We have seen one mountain lion, but of course they don't exist in this country. At least that is the story of the Fish and Game Department! A lot of deer and the pheasant population is exploding.

I want to welcome new followers. Feel free to jump in any time with comments. I will try to answer, but sometimes I forget.

Tomatoes are finally starting to produce. Sweet corn has been dEEEEEElicious. Cucumbers also. Glad I marked everything so I can plant the same next year. I envy those who can plant fall gardens. Ours is coming to a close in the next month. Then the seed catalogs start coming in November and can't do anything until April and May.
God Bless all and Pray we can keep this great country sinking any lower!----johnnyb


  1. Turkey is awful good in the pot...

  2. Turkeys are funny birds. My Amish neighbor hatched some wild turkey chicks out after he ran over the nest with the mower and killed the mother. He put the eggs under a sittin chicken hen. Sure is funny seeing those half grown turkeys following that hen all over the farm!!

  3. That would be a sight. A good turkey hatch this year.