Tuesday, August 23, 2011


One of our favorite sports times of the year is the Little League world Series (and National Finals Rodeo). We were watching a game last night and a thought occurred to me,(scaaaary). I think the solution to all the world's problems could be solved if we would just let 11-13 year old kids run it. They wage a fierce battle on the playing field and then go back to The Grove where they stay. There they adjourn to continuing peace talks solving the world's problems over pizza, hot dogs, ice cream and whatever else they might have available. Language barriers are overcome as the battles continue over video games, ping-pong or whatever the field of play may be. They may take a small break in the arms talk to take in a game between rival factions that they may meet in heated battle on another day. By the way--no parents allowed in the Grove. They must stay elsewhere

There does not seem to be any barriers in these kids. Winning is important to these little guys, but the comaraderie that is developed during these two weeks can do more to solve world tensions than any of the so-called leaders of the world can even dream of. I am sure that it rubs off on the parent also. There was a mother of one of the Japanese players handing out good luck sashes to parents of kid on other teams. Didn't see that happening at Candlestick Park the other night. We don't give the young ones enough credit for what they stand for. Now I agree there is always a few bad apples in the basket, but I don't think they were "picked" bad. Just left to spoil by the orchard keepers.
If you like baseball and haven't watched the Little League World Series, try to catch a game or two over the next week. It is good even if you don't care for the game!
God Bless all and "Keep on keepi' on".----johnnyb