Thursday, December 8, 2011

Out of the deepfreeze

The weather is finally warming bit. Warmed into the 30's yesterday. Tuesday morning it was -14 degrees F. 10 degrees above zero this morning. There is forecast a few flurries today and then warming for the weekend. Upper 40's by Sunday. The snow starting to melt, so it will be slushy mess in a couple of days. Good moisture since the ground is not completely frozen yet.
Had a couple of pheasant hunters staying in our cabin for a couple of nights. The small heater
didn't keep up well when it was so cold that one night. We had worried about them, but it was no problem. They live in Colorado in the mountains, and said they usually sleep with the windows open during the winter. One said at his house, you could make ice cubes in the bedroom. We had plenty of blankets anyway. I was afraid the heater wasn't working good, so I went to town and got another. Figured between the two it would keep the temp up a little better. It did, and they told me it got too warm and they had to shut one off! They are a part of a group 7 that hunts here every year. The guy that brings them here owns a house right next to us. He just had too many for the beds he has, so we took the overflow. Most are from Colorado, a couple of them from eastern Nebraska. It is always fun having them here. We have been friends with the one that owns the house for about 16 years. He comes here a half a dozen times or more a year. Hunting in the fall, winter, and spring, and just chillin' in the summer. Very good people. We take care of his house and yard when he isn't here.

We have kids coming for an early Christmas this weekend. One daughter and grandkids. Always fun to have them. One grandson likes to do some shooting, so I have been making sure everything is in order in that category. Shoot mostly black powder. He thinks it is pretty neat.
The rest of our Christmas is kind of helter-skelter. One son is State Trooper, another son is an Emergency Dispatcher, SIL is a city policeman, another daughter's significant other is Deputy Sheriff. Only the dispatcher and the deputy are in the same town. Shift work is hard to plan around. The other daughter and family only live 20 miles away, so that is not a problem. They work 9-5 jobs so it is easier.

We both enjoy rodeos, and have been watching the National Finals this week. It just makes my bones hurt even more just watching. I don't see how they can do it day after day. I suppose they will feel it more in later years. We used to go to more rodeos, but the price of gas kind of prohibits it.

Quote for the day--"We could certainly slow the aging process down if it had to work its way through Congress".- Will Rogers

God Bless all, be good, and if you can't be good, at least be safe!--johnnyb


  1. You too, Johnny. Like the header pictures. Fits the season.

  2. That it does. There has been so many years where we didn't get any winter moisture of any kind that this is nice. The snow is ok. I'm not particularly fond of below zero temps, but I chose to live here, so won't complain too much.
    thanks Stephen.

  3. Hmm - lots blue uniforms in your extended family LOL Guess it keep you on the straight and narrow?

    Yeah - reckon rodeo bones will certainly be felt in later years, but who worries about that when you're young ;)

  4. I, too, wanted to comment on the photos... Great job!

  5. Dani and Matt--Thanks for the comments

  6. Sounds like hot chocolate weather. Not that it gets too cold down here, but I've had to heat a larger area and was very pleased with the oil heater/radiator type. It can make a small guest house sized building uncomfortably warm. Keep toasty up there.

  7. Thanks 45er. I looked at one of those heaters, but was not sure how they worked.