Saturday, December 17, 2011

Lazy Saturday Morning.

Sitting here having my coffee and contemplating the day.  The dogs and I have had our toasted oats for the day.  Theirs is the honey toasted and mine regular.  Too much sugar in the honey toasted for my system.  Dinka, the Grand Dame of the crew just has a dog treat.  Or usually treats, plural.   Her routine starts anytime between 7AM and 10AM.  Usually the latter.  She never has been an early riser.  Upon rising she immediately wants out, regardless of what we may be doing.  She usually will not accept a treat at this time.  Not the way it is done.  After a time of wandering aimlessly about, trying to find the exactly perfect spot,  and I mean it has to be perfect, she will do her morning "stuff".  After this she comes to the back door and barks.  She won't come in, but sits there looking at me like I am a complete idiot.  At this time she will take a dog treat and either eat it or bury it for future use.  When the snow melts we will probably find all of these brown crumb spots all over the yard.  Then she will come back to the door and we do it all over again.  It's like Johnnyb's mcdoggles drive up window.  We watched her the other morning wander around the yard for quite a while looking for  a place to bury the treat and finally gave up and ate it. dog's can be such a source of amusement if a person will take the time to watch.  The other two, Bella and Annie,  have a different routine.  You can almost set your watch by them in the morning.  They are ready to go out a 7AM every morning.  Bunny patrol, you know.  Important stuff.  Once in a while they will catch a rabbit, but not often. The rabbit will generally make it through the fence before they catch it.  Then they are back in for cheerios,  and back to bed. 

I hope everyone has a good weekend. Please pray for all that are in need.  I guess when you think about it, that would be about all of us.  We all are in need in one form or the other.   Prayers are answered, just not always like we want.

God Bless all--johnnyb


  1. I love pet stories. Our two dogs velcro dog and gatecrasher are super heroes. Velcro dog can attach herself to covers and hang on even when they go vertical. Gatecrasher can bash any bedroom door and get in on her own. Our new member Mr. Miles is a stray who showed up and won't leave. He can find bones from "Miles" around and bring them home for the other two to chomp on. Miles got a house all his own in the barn, if he comes inside he gets nervous and cries and scratches at the door.

    I won't even go into describing THE QUEEN's behavior. She is a stray cat who has granted us permission to serve her every need.

  2. What would we do without pets.