Monday, December 26, 2011

Day After Ponderings

 For the person who thought they got everything they needed for Christmas. 
I hope everyone is enjoying the season.  I see rain is falling in parts of Texas.  Has to be better than a white Christmas.   Just hope there is enough to do some good.  Our daytime temps are in the 40's and 50's.  Melting the snow and drying up some of the mud.  My seasonal depression is easing now that the days are lengthening.  (Hey a couple of minutes is enough to start me towards spring).   A lot of winter left though.
Carol notice some daffodils popping through the ground.  Way to early for that here. 

Been thinking about the past year and everything I wanted to get done.  Got the sleeping cabin finished.  That was our #1 priority.  There were other things, but there is next year, (I hope).  We have projects in mind to help with our prepping.  Some we will be able start during the late winter months.  On thing high on the list is a manual water pump.  Seen some advertised, but haven't  followed up yet. Right now water would be a problem if the electricity went out.  Got to have water!!  We hope to add some chickens.  We are going to raise quail again this year.  It seemed to be a success last year.   Our friend from Colorado called last week to say that the quail had been ordered for the first week in June.  It was a very interesting experiment and alot of fun.  Quail are such strange creatures.  Our dogs will be looking forward to them also. The list will probably get longer as time goes.  We are looking at more storage for canned goods.  There will never be enough room for that.

Time to go.  Coffee is cold, dogs and I have had our cheerios, so I guess we are ready to meet the day head-on, at least until nap time!

Thought for the day--"many people look forward to the New Year for new start to old habits."--unknown.

God Bless all---johnnyb

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