Saturday, June 6, 2015

Summer Kitchen

We got the roof and part of the siding on the summer kitchen.  The top part will be hinged openings.  It is getting closer and we exited about being able to do the canning outside.

The garden is coming along.  Things are starting to grow a little as the weather warms.  I put in another dozen cabbage plants the other day.  Still another dozen plus to go.  We had another 1/2 inch of rain last night, so we haven't had to water much.  I still need to plant more sweet corn.  Some rodent is digging up the kernels after I plant them.

A good friend from Colorado brought 4 more Aspen orphans to plant.  We are starting to get a small "forest" started.  He also brought some pallets he picked up at the feed store.  Another "project' in the making.

There has been a lot of bad weather in the tri-state area here.  We haven't had any right here, but some areas have.  tornadoes, heavy rain, a lot of hail.  We don't need the bad stuff anywhere.

God Bless all--jobnnyb


  1. Love the outside kitchen :) Clever boy.

  2. We enjoy the repurposing. I maybe have $25 in it so far!

  3. you just know that i am drooling over your kitchen and jambaloney says Bravo! it looks great and we both love the repurposing! please keep us updated with posts and pics...i can't wait until we build ours!

    your friend,

    1. Will do. It has been a blast building, design and redesign. We are building it so that it can be used for other purposes also.

  4. John,

    That outdoor kitchen will be a hit, and help with keeping your house cool since not canning inside. As Kymber requested, please keep us updated with posts and pictures as you continue building your outdoor kitchen.

    Don't you just love aspen trees ???? There so pretty, and make great land cover.

    Amen to your post on the bad weather. We've had our share here in OK, and I know other states are tired of it too.

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