Saturday, June 20, 2015

Good Morning

Started work on the inside of the project.  I was going to use OSB on the walls, but I have plenty of pallets,so I am using the boards from them.  

Using paper shred as an insulation in the walls.  Getting closer every day.  Canning season will soon be on us.

Some shots from around the garden.  First run of cabbage is doing good.  A lot of kraut in the making.  I have another 30+ plants that will be for a later crop.  They have been in the ground only a couple of weeks.

 Zucchini that are getting close.

One of the beds of green beans.  They started blooming this week.

The garden has been doing ok.  We have enough rain to help.  Temperatures are starting to climb into the summer range, so we will have to start putting water to it.  Still getting asparagus.   Carol says her raspberries will be ready soon.  Good jam on the horizon!!

And after a hard day of work, keeping the place safe from all the wild animals (bunnies), Bela hits the showers before heading in for supper and a nap!

God Bless all.  Have a good weekend.--johnnyb

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