Monday, June 8, 2015

And the work week starts

I used that phrase in the title kind of loosely.  In retirement there doesn't seem to ever be the start or end of the work week!  I didn't realize that we had planned up so many projects over our lifetime!  We probably will never live to see all of them completed.  Someday we are going to do this or that or whatever.  Someday, for some reason or other, we will not be able to do the things we would like to.   Tomorrow I will celebrate the 39th anniversary of my 30th birthday!!  My how time does fly.  It just seems like yesterday I was running around in dirty diapers.  Oh wait, that was yesterday.  Just kidding!!!  The one good thing about growing older with a spouse of a close age is that you can forget things together.  Yesterday while sitting at the table eating lunch and both trying to remember a name, the mention was made at least we haven't got to the place where we forget each others name! Name tags with pictures are not required uniform of the day yet!!  These are all things that I used to chuckle at my parents or grandparents.  Not so funny anymore.  I used to get back into shape after a long winter in just a short time.  Now it takes almost to winter again!!

I joke about it, but with the exception of more aches and pains, creaks and pops, it just ain't too bad!

We have a   door and one window in the outdoor kitchen.

Hopefully we can get siding on the front today.  Then start to frame for the windows and screen on the other sides.

Here is a picture of one of Carol's flower beds.  The moisture we have had has been a blessing.  This country looks like an oasis!

God Bless all who this may touch!--johnnyb


  1. John,

    Will you be totally enclosing your outside kitchen?

    Love your wife's garden! Happy Anniversary and Birthday!!!

  2. Thank you. It will be enclosed. Screens for summer and windows for winter.