Friday, June 22, 2012

Another season starts

Summer, summer, summer.    Six months ago, one topic of conversation was, "Sure will be glad when warm weather gets here.  Tired of the cold."  Summer is here.  Topic at the local watering hole last night was, "Ready for winter.  Enough of this heat!"  I guess that is just something about the way we are put together.  If it was 80 degrees the year around, it would be those "damned tourists" that would be the topic of conversation.  We did have a couple of days of very nice weather this week. The rest has been a touch on the summer side.  One day was 109 degrees.  It was so hot, I saw a bird frying a bug on the sidewalk.  That is hot, let me tell you!  By the way it was done medium rare, just a hint of "squishy" stuff.

I have been helping out at the local dining and drinking establishment for the past couple of weeks.  Owner is down in the back and is short of help.  I enjoy doing it, and it is a way of keeping up on the local color.  Let me tell you it can be colorful at times.  Most would not be for public release.

The garden is doing well.  The corn is in the tassel stage.  Corn on the cob in the near future.  Beans are blooming.  Tomatoes are setting on.  We have had carrots, beets, and squash on the table so far.  It is so nice to have fresh veggies and we thank God daily for that blessing and pray for a bountiful harvest of it all.

Our quail chicks arrived yesterday.  They made the trip through the mail in pretty good shape.  Which amazes me that anything can get through the mail unscathed.  But that is another story. 

 These pictures were taken shortly after getting them. They seem to like their "toys".   They were hatched on Tuesday morning, then endured a 36 hour trip by mail.  They are doing well.

I hope this finds everyone ok and God Bless you all.--johnnyb


  1. I just hatched 10 more quail this morning. I have 15 ready to be butchered, 6 more growing and now 10 more.

    1. We have just been buying from a hatchery. Second bunch we have raised and will release.