Friday, June 1, 2012


The following link is about the feud that occurred in our area.  I am sure that most areas of the country had feuds at one time or another.  The Hatfields and McCoys just got more attention.
The gang wars of today are no different than the feuds between farmers and ranchers of pioneer times.  Usually over a trivial matter that gets blown out of proportion. We kind of  had disagreement with neighbor over his dogs.  I didn't particularly like them crapping in our garden and he didn't really see a problem with it.  We are back on speaking terms now without shots being fired.  My thought is---it don't take much to spark a fire when conditions are right.

I have said this before--go ahead and taken that wooden nickel.  The wood is probably worth more than whatever is in the nickel.
God Bless--johnnyb


  1. That didn't sound very trivial. One group was having its way of lifestyle threatened by a change of economic conditions, and one group came to represent those changes.

    The Hatfield McCoy dispute has some similar issues in the background. If you look at which McCoys and Hatfields fought with the other side, it was business interests that dictated.

    1. True. I guess trivial in the sense that it would seem to me that something could have been worked out. We are not talking about a populated area, even to this day. But again it is hard to judge how we would react under those same conditions. Though we may find out someday.

  2. Seems to be something in our make-up that makes us almost want to be feuding with folks.

    Then again, sometimes talking just doesn't quite do it!