Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Drone flyover

I heard on the news yesterday that the government has been running spy missions over Nebraska and Iowa and probably over states as well for the past 10 years.  Most recently using drones.  The EPA is making sure that farmers and ranchers are polluting the environment, especially ranchers with their cattle.  I guess they would like everything to be nice and pristine as it was hundreds of years ago.  Millions of buffalo crapping in the water, thousands and thousands of antelope and elk that are not in abundance in the plains  doing their thing in the water! The EPA would just be in the height of their glory. ........but just thinking--johnnyb


  1. So - it makes no difference if it's the Democrats or the Republicans - they are both guilty of the same subterfuge / crime? It's the same in this country...

    The leader that all 130 million of you voted into power to look after your interests? Makes one wonder - no?