Friday, May 11, 2012

Welcome and ramblings for a Friday

Welcome to scifichick. Thanks for stopping by.  Comments are welcome and will be answered.

Another week has shot right on by.  Temperatures have not been too bad.  A little cool earlier in the week.  Had to lower the hem in my shorts for a couple of days.  May have to again today.  There was a light frost in the area the other night.  I don't think it bothered our garden, some people lost most tender plants.  Wasn't forecast, but happened anyway.  Oh well, such is life in the fast lane. 

                                         The sweet corn as it was coming up earlier this week.        

                                         Some of the sage in bloom. A little early.
                                        Chicken coop in early construction.

   Chicken coop later in construction.  With the exception of a couple of 2x4's  and a few sheets of OSB for the floor and ceiling, it has all been repourposed materials.  It's amazing what you can find in other people's  trash heaps.

Everybody have a good one.  Be good.  And if you can't be good at least be safe!

God Bless--johnnyb


  1. You have quite the corn patch going there! Bet it will taste delish:) And I love the chicken coop, bravo!!