Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Morning Pics

Just a few pictures from the Middle of Somewhere.  The clouds I caught as they were coming out of the Middle of Nowhere.  I thought we were going to get an"all over toad drencher" for a while, but only got a nice little shower.

 This is Carol's latest project.  The table used to have a shatter type glass top to it.  The wind blew the table over during a horrific (that's just a shade over horrendous on the burrito wind scale), and low and behold, the glass was definitely shatterproof.  I made a solid wooden tabletop and she did the mosaic. Now it should have a humongous wind rating. 

 The beans, corn, and tomatoes are doing good so far.  Didn't plant a lot of tomatoes this year.  Seems like we do just as well with a few as with a lot.

 The flowers in front of the house in bloom.  Daisies have not bloomed yet.  Most are Sweet William.  One plant has all of the colors of all of the plants in the bed.  They reseed every year, and have been doing well.  The Snap Dragons in the left side of the picture have some neat colors.
Looks to be a nice day.  We have a lot of mowing to do later when it dries a little.  I hope everyone has a good day and week ahead.  Don't let the small stuff on Monday turn into bigger things by Friday.

God Bless All--johnnyb


  1. Nice looking garden ya got there.

  2. As Pioneerpreppy said, nice garden. I'm sure the fresh grown veggies are great! :)

  3. All is looking pretty good around the homeplace! That garden sure does look nice!

    1. We hope it will be ok. I will not brag on the garden as the last time I did it got beat into the ground with wind and hail. So I will not any more than it looks good.

  4. That table is gorgeous! Great job :)

  5. Beautiful place you have. I love all your perfect little raised beds. We have one raised bed with boards around it and then a large area (36x15?) that is just above ground level by about 2-2 1/2 ft.