Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hump Day

Hump day already.  My how time just keeps flying by.  why it just seems like day before yesterday was Monday!  Anyway it has been a busy week.  Garden and chicken/quail house have kept us going.  I decided to use OSB for the walls and ceiling in the bird house.  I was going to use some bead-board from the house I am tearing down, but I am about repurposed out, or up-cycling as it is being called now.  I still call it just plain old foraging.  The building has gone along ok.  Sometimes the development department got a little ahead of the research department.  But it all worked out ok.  Hey it's just a flippin' chicken house!  I should get the walls up today and then it will be just a little painting and the other finishing touches. 

We are putting shredded paper in the pallets for insulation.  I get the paper from the school district.  They don't have to haul it away, and it keeps it out of the landfill.  Should work ok.  At least it is something.  

Nothing much of interest been going on in this small part of the world.  Haven't seen any unmarked choppers with blackened windows flying over recently, so they must have interests elsewhere. 

Our friend from out state is here  turkey hunting with another person.  I think they leave today.  He will be back next week with others.  There are a lot of turkeys around here.  Hmmm-that doesn't sound right.  Bird type turkeys.  Some of the other type also, but not many.  Not  as many as Washington DC.  Ok don't send the unmarked choppers and the black cars.  Always bothers me when I see people in black suits standing outside my door talking  into their lapels or their Dick Tracy wrist watches. 

Oh well, such is life in the fast lane.  Actually there is no real fast lane here.  All roads are just 2 lanes, one of them with a slow moving vehicle.  One lane headed east and one headed west.  Then once in a while they will go north or south, especially when you come to a county or state correction line.  Another stupid question....why can't you drive from one state to another in a straight line.  Seems to me the surveyors of old should have gotten together at some point and figured this out.  And I thought my development department gets ahead of the research department!  I don't know if all states are that way, but I do know a lot of them are. 

Talk about rambling!  Wait a minute--did I say anything about rambling?  Must be the medicine again.

God Bless All.  I hope everything goes well for all who reads these words and takes them away from some real intelligent reading. ---johnnyb


  1. I like the chicken house, John. Bet them chickens eat the paper...
    Roads here amble every which way.

    1. Covered it with OSB board today. They will probably peck away at any that are sticking out.

    2. Most roads around here follow section lines fairly close.

  2. Good idea on the insulation. I might have to try it out.

  3. When they were drawing the route of the road down the straight edge (ruler) their thumb got in the way.

  4. Use a solution of boric acid to fireproof, bugproof, and moldproof paper, wood, or cloth to be used in building or for insulation.

  5. Google using a solution of boric acid to bug-proof, mold-proof, or fire-proof insulation for building.