Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thursday morning ramblings

We had a nice shower go through last evening.  About 1/4 of an inch here. Right west there was a lot more, with some flooding possible.   More of the same tonight in the same areas.  We are happy with
the small amount and no severe stuff.  What moisture we have had makes this country look like an oasis.  

These are some pics from around the place this week.  The canning kitchen is coming along.  Maybe get the rafters up today if it don't rain.  We are looking forward to using it this summer and fall.

The iris flowers are in full bloom.  We were given a tub full of flowers last year.  We had no idea what colors.  Ended up with 6 different colors.  My Mom always had a lot if Iris.  Brings back memories of many years ago.  We put mineral tubs with the bottoms cut out to keep the critters away.  We have done the same with fruit trees.  Keeps the rabbits from gnawing on them.

The garden is doing ok.  Temperatures have not warmed as much as usual, so the ground is still a little cool.  Night-time temps still in the upper 40's and low 50's.

Cabbage plants are doing pretty good.  I planted the first dozen early in April.  2 weeks later I planted the second dozen.  The first has done good.  Second did't fair too well.  I have another 40 about ready to go.  We hope to make a lot of kraut this year.  We only made a five gallon bucket last year.  It is about gone.  Carol also did up a few quarts of Amish coleslaw.  It is gone!!  Much more of both this fall.

Time to go.  The dogs think it is time to feed the chickens.  My thought for the day--the middle of nowhere is always over the next hill!!  God Bless--johnnyb