Sunday, May 31, 2015

Cool weather.

May 31 and it is hoody weather this morning.  Been unseasonably cool the last couple of days.  We went to the car races Friday night and it was almost too chilly to enjoy.  But we did any way.  We have always been racing fans.  Both of us were dirt-tracking at an early age.  Nothing like seeing 3 or four cars side by side  coming around a turn.  NASCAR is ok,  and I try to watch whenever I can, but it still doesn't to dirt-trackin".

We did a little more work on the outdoor kitchen.  We have most of the roof on.  We are almost ready to start the sides.  It has been a fun project.  Can't wait to get the outside done, so I can start the inside.  We could use it as it sits now, but we have time to finish it.

I need to do a little work in the garden or the weeds are going to bypass the produce.  With the rain we have had, this country looks really good.  We haven't had the heavy rains that other areas have had, so it has been nice.  Our prayers go out to those who have suffered because of the severe storms or flooding.

God Bless--johnnyb

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