Monday, May 25, 2015


I hope everyone takes a little time over this weekend to remember, not just our  loved ones, but all those who have passed on before us.  It is not just placing flowers or wreaths on graves.  We need to remember those times with our friends and loved ones.  The good times, the bad times.    Those that are the reason we are here , and those that helped mold our lives into what it is today.  There are those who gave that we may be free.   Sometimes we tend to forget those who helped  structure the freedom that so many take for granted.  Just because they have been gone for a couple of hundred years, does not mean they should be forgotten.  George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and whole list of others are always mentioned.  But what about the unnamed colonial farmer who lost his life for the cause? They all need to be included.  Go to a local cemetery and find the old part of it.  Spend a few minutes pondering over the graves.  Were they pioneers looking to start a new life.  Was it the forgotten grave of a child.   Maybe a mother in childbirth.  A whole family lost maybe.  They all need to be remembered.  We don't necessarily need to have known someone to be able to hold them in remembrance.   Just remember!

God Bless--johnnyb