Wednesday, February 20, 2013


We are still fighting the crud.  Not worse, but the cough is still with us and it has zapped any energy that we may have in reserve.  And after a winter of total vegging, that ain't much.  We have been preparing for a winter storm to blow through today and tomorrow.  I think we are ready for it.  Propane tank has plenty in it for a few days if then power goes out and we have to use the furnace.  It is just a heater and doesn't need power to run.  Did a wally world run Monday and stocked up on some things we needed.  The storm is not of the magnitude of  the ones in the NE, but 50 MPH winds here are terrible.  Nothing to stop it except barbed wire fences,  and that ain't much of a wind break.  Once in a while a jack rabbit will stick it's head up and block a little, but only a little unless he freezes in place!  I see the NWS has put a name on the storm.  Q!!!!  We don't even rate a full name.  But that doesn't surprise me.  They will probably give it a name when it gets farther east.  Naming  storms puts a burr under my saddle anyway, especially winter storms.  It's not like there is so many that the NWS can't keep track of them!  What's wrong with "the blizzard of 06"?  If you talk about the hurricane of "05" most people would know what you are talking.  Probably some that are still unaware of it.  Just their annual house cleaning and........I won't go there.  That's a bigger and uglier burr.

Cleaned the chicken house and put new straw down, so they can have a nice place to spend the storm.  They haven't been out much this morning.  They came out to see what I was doing earlier, so I gave them some scratch food and protein (cat food) to make them happy.  I also put out food for the wild birds.  I need to put some out for the game birds yet and then I will be done until evening.

It started snowing about 30 minutes ago.  The ground is starting to become white.  The moisture will be good.  The wind is from the SE now, but will turn to the North tomorrow.  That will make for some weird drifts. 

On the national scene....I see where our illustrious VP was out campaigning for gun control yesterday.  At a meeting put on by gun control idiots he told a woman the best way to protect herself was with a double barrel shotgun.  He told her they were easier to aim than AR 15 and could be just as scary.  That is what he has for his wife.  So much for taking our guns away from us!!

Time to go.  Hope everybody has a good day, and anyone in the path of "Q", stay warm.

God Bless--johnnyb

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