Friday, February 22, 2013

Day after Q

Nice bright sunny morning.  Temp was +2F this morning with windchill at -17F.  We ended up with somewhere between 12-15 inches.  It was a nice winter storm.  We did not have the wind that was forecast, so it is sitting nice on the fields and pastures.  Ther was a little wind, but not bad.  Wasn't enough to classify it as a blizzard here anyway.  Just a winter storm.

This picture was from our front door this morning:

This picture was from the back yard:

Some areas of the state had a lot more snow,  but it did cover most of the state.  Another storm is forecast for Sunday.  Not supposed to be much snow, but more wind.  The moisture will be good if it will stay on the fields.  National Weather Service just announced that it was the worse winter storm to hit Kansas in decades.  We have had bigger snows, but this one covered most of the state with either snow, thunder, lightning, rain, sleet and whatever may have fallen from the sky.  There was a house fire in Wichita yesterday, during the snow storm, that was caused by a lightning strike. Strange, strange, strange.

Did a little snow shoveling this morning.  Not much.  Just enough to clear the snow away from the doors.  cleaned out a small area for the chickens to come out and look around.  The dogs have been wondering around the yard, mostly looking for a place to do their morning stuff.

Everyone have a good day.  God Bless--johnnyb


  1. You live in such a beautiful place. I used to love tracking deer after a fresh snowfall.

    1. I was looking at some tracks around some of the buildings. Couldn't really tell what they were, but whatever they were checking out where the rabbits are spending their time. We have bobcat, coyotes fairly close to the house at times, an occasional mountain lion,(which doesn't exist around here) but has been see less than a mile from our house, and a lot of possum and raccoon. Then there is the wild game, so there are a lot of tracks to be seen in the snow. It is just kind of neat. I haven't tried calling any wild animals in, but would like to try it. Used to do it as a kid.

  2. Sounds like our weather John. I'm not looking forward to Sunday's snow, I would rather the snow be over the week, not the weekend, lol...

    Great pictures!

    1. It wasn't too bad in our area. At least we didn't have a lot of wind or ice.