Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tales from the Whogonkies

Catchy title isn't it!  Once I heard someone say they were from the Whogonkies.  I always took that as being somewhere between here and the other side of nowhere.  I am sure that I have been to the Whogonkies at one time or another as I am sure most people have been.  It might only been in our imaginary minds as a child battling the forces of evil, (i.e. cowboys and Indians in my day), or just driving through an area of desolate country that you cannot imagine anyone ever living in.  Then again it could be that area just over the next hill that I tell the grandson is the middle of nowhere.  It is always over the next hill. So here goes my story of that area known as the Whogonkies.

Uncle Jake Holenhammer  from chokecherry draw was in town yesterday.  Said he really wasn't planning on coming to town, but when he hitched up the mules to go a neighbors, they got a little frisky and got a little out of control.  He figured they must have wanted to come to town when they took the left fork in the road instead of the right one.  Anyway he was making the best of it.  He was headed for Mz. Betsy's House of Feel Better Quick.  Said he thought it was soon enough to spring for nice all over bath, shave, and haircut,etc.  I think that there is something else going over there, but being the fine upstanding citizen that I am, I have not frequented the place.  I have seen some mighty pretty ladies going in the back door.  I just figured it was some kinfolk of Mz. Betsy, but maybe not.  I may have to check into that a little more.  Interesting project for next week.

There was a box supper and barn dance over at the Shimwater place Saturday nite.  Good time was had by all.  I was there bidding on Miss Annie Whizzlestones, box supper.  I was able to outlast the other guys and we sat in a corner and enjoyed what ever it was she had prepared.  I am not sure what the sandwich was, but I ate it to be polite.  It was worth the "backyard trots" that I got just to spend some time with her.  I may have to courting some evening, without the sandwich this time.   Anyway we enjoyed dancing to the music of the Schnagglenathy family from up creek a few miles.  All seventeen of them.   The refreshments were provided by Uncle Ned and his boys from up Rattlesnake Canyon. I'm not sure what it was, but it was tasty.  Kind of had a little kick to it.  Wasn't to many fights this time.  Once in a while it gets a little wild.

Grandpa Smith passed on last week.  Some say he was just a little on the other side of a hundred years old.  Others said he was all that old.  Just was the life he led.  I guess he had an ample supply of "shine" and tobacco every day.  Some say they didn't need to embalm him, just put him away.  Anyway he will be missed by all, especially the "shine" producers!

Speaking of the "shine" producers, been a few strangers in the area lately.  Always a little suspicious when there is strangers about.  Haven't heard of anything happening yet, but we will see.

I have to go.  the sandwich is still working a little bit.  Until next time--God Bless