Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Years Day

 You wake up to NewYears Morning suffering from a bad case of the 12 ounce, or 750ml flu this morning, RISE AND SHINE!!  The day is wasting.  There are empty beer cans, empty wine bottles, dirty dishes strung all over the house.  Clothes in places there shouldn't be clothes, like hanging from the ceiling fan in the bedroom.  The "unmentionables"  hanging there are nothing you have seen the , girlfriend wear or have ever seen in the laundry.  Oh my God, there is a big blank after the  third bottle of tequila was opened.  There was something about the person who got the last shot from the bottle had to catch the worm in his teeth!  Man what a party it must have been.  You go into another room where you remember there was a poker game going on.  Poker chips strung everywhere.  None on the table anymore.  Oh, this is scary.  There are clothes on the table!  Underneath those clothes is a poker hand, ace high-straight flush!  Hmm, must have been the winning hand.  Your next thought is--What in the hell did some of these people wear home!   Or, did they go home.  Or who did they go home with.  At least there weren't any married couples here. You haven't looked in all the rooms yet.  You carefully search the rest of the house, but find no one.  You look around at the mess and wish you had found someone so they could help you clean up the mess.  Other wise, the next thing is to try to get it declared a disaster area so funds will be available to cover the clean up expenses.   The clothes I will keep and see if anyone comes to claim them. HeHeHe.

This is not a story from my New Years Eve Party.  I can't say I haven't "heard" of parties like this.  Of course not any that I would have been involved in!  I think I better go onto another subject before I get myself in a situation that there is no escape from.

Actually it was  a nice evening.  I helped out at the nearby  fine dining and drinking establishment.  They were serving 18-20 ounce prime rib last nite.  Carol went along for the meal.  We were home by 11 for a quiet ringing in of the new year.  It was an enjoyable time.

It snowed for most of the day.  Nothing major, just a nice snow.

 I took these pictures early this morning.  What a beautiful way for the new year to start!   The fields are mostly covered with a little bit of snow. I just hope that everyone's morning is as cheery as it is here.  Good coffee,good company with my best friend and soul mate Carol, and dog bone treats with the girls.  Good enough for me.!

 For the best as can be possible in the coming year---God Bless all of you for being the greatest friends in the world--Carol and I love you all---johnnyb