Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Happy 4th of July to all.  It will be a quiet one in this area.  A lot of the counties and cities have banned sales and shooting of fireworks for this year because of the dry conditions.  There has been quite a few fires in the past two weeks.  the one that was near our place burned 6-7000 acres.  No houses were lost, but a lot of other buildings were.  We have a a few storms blow through that produced a lot of lightning and very little rain.
We have been able to keep the garden going ok.  We canned beets on Monday. 
Here is Carol and Bella washing the beets.  Bella enjoys doing anything that involves water.  We didn't have a lot, but they will be a good addition to the pantry.  We have a wood stove set up outside, so we didn't have to heat up the house.  We did the water bath inside, but cooked them outside.

The quail ventured outside for the first time yesterday.  They liked it.  Matter of fact they liked it so well they didn't want to go in.  I had to put them in one at a time by hand.  They were two weeks old yesterday.

Not much else been going on lately.  Just trying to stay cool.  Hope everyone is doing ok.
God Bless this Great Country--johnnyb


  1. Have a great day, John. Quiet here too, for now. I'm sure later the hoople-heads will be out in force.

  2. I'm glad Bella had some fun with the water. Stay safe with the heat and the drought. Northern and Southern IND have had some showers, we've not had more than a 45 second sprinkle in almost six weeks.

    1. That is about it for here too. We had .10 last week. Wasn't hardly enough rain to put out the fires the lightning started.