Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer for sure

   To my very good friend LaVern over in Iowa, I'm back.  Just like as bad penny, always returning.  LaVern doesn't have a blog, but his wonderful wife Carolyn does.  Give it a look.  We have been friends  and have swapped ideas for years.  I think I used a lot more of his.  Anyway, LaVern ,  I'll try to keep going on this more again.

The weather has been hot and dry forever it seems.  We have been able to keep the garden going pretty good.  We canned green beans last week and have more picked and snapped and ready to can in the morning.  We put up sweet corn today.  Didn't have as much as we had hoped for.  The birds were eating it before it was ready.  We will finish it later this week.  The heat hit the tomatoes at the wrong time.  Have good plants, but they have not set on much.  The heat was about a month earlier than usual.  June is usually hot, but not days of 110-115 degrees.  I keep hoping that they will still produce.

The area near us that burned a few weeks ago has been blowing dirt lately.  The dirt is just like sugar sand.  there are times when it is almost a brown-out. 

Finished the outdoor enclosure for the quail and turned them out today.  They have enjoyed it immensely.

They like the scraps from canning. They are fun to watch.  It is amazing how much they can grow in just 4 weeks time.

I want to welcome Rocky Oak Homestead.  Thanks for stopping by.  I always try to answer all comments.  This time of year it might be a day or two.

God Bless All--johnnyb

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