Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I think fall is here for good.

Been a week of up and down weather. Last week 90's on Monday, and low 40,s for a high on Friday. This Monday was 90 again. Today 60,s. But it is good beats 105. Been helping some friends paint their house the past couple of weeks. Would have been done except for the weather. The picture taken from our back yard over a field of corn. Sunsets have been neat.
Picked up our winter supply of wood pellets. Saved quite a bit buying them on contract for the year. Was a one time deal. Signed up last summer for pick up now.
Will be tearing up the garden soon, with the exception of the parsnips. those I will mulch heavy and dig next spring or as needed during the winter if the ground is,t too frozen.
Good crop of turkeys this year. We have about 20 that stroll by the house morning and evenings. I just heard them clucking outside a bit ago. They are fun to watch. Will be good hunting this next season.
Carol found some weekly sales on meat at one of the local stores. Will try to get there and pick up some for canning. Good for future use. Starting to replenish other food stock also. A lot we want to get. Pick up some here and there I guess.
God bless all---johnnyb


  1. It's my favorite time of year...God bless.

  2. Love the sunset picture. Have a great day.

  3. Stephen-Fall has always been my favorite also.

    MDR-I have a few sunset pics. Maybe I will post them sometime.

  4. John, nice blog! Don't know how I missed you before, especially since I see some familiar faces logging on here.