Saturday, September 3, 2011

End of summer?

A little moisture this week and the weather has cooled a little bit since the middle of the week. 70 degrees yesterday. Almost don't know how to act. Did some more veggie dehydrating this week. More squash seeds, tomatoes, cucumbers, and rosemary. I ground up the cucumbers. Make a nice addition to a salad or a dip. Also ground up some dried tomatoes and rosemary, and mixed them together. Pretty tasty. The veggies are a nice addition to our pantry stores. Work good for emergency food supplies. I have some parsnips to try and see how they taste dried. Have a lot of basil, parsley, sage rosemary and thyme (I ought to write a song) to dry also. Has been a good year for herbs. Basil has grown to 3-4 feet tall and all leaves. Kept the blossoms off until now. Will get some seed for next year. Rabbits and grasshoppers ate the fennel. Was hoping to some seeds and the bulbs. Rabbits have been terrible this. Couple of the died of lead poisoning. Mostly the dogs use them as means of entertainment. Keeps both on their toes.
We planted 5 Quaking Aspens this week. Along with currants, wild roses, snowberries. It was a good time to have planted since we got moisture.
God Bless all--Go ahead and take the wooden nickels. They are probably worth more than regular nickels! Later--johnnyb
P.S.--Have a safe holiday weekend.


  1. We finally got some rain as well. I've only lost 2 tomatoes to the varmints, but the one yesterday really hurt, as it was big and beautiful looking.

    I grow Ox Heart tomatoes. Heirloom breed known for their size, meat, astounding taste, and low seed count.

  2. Been a strange year for tomatoes here. Was too cold late and then the high temps hit wrong.