Monday, June 6, 2011

Good morning!!

Blessings to all and give thanks for the beauty that has been provided for us, as there is plenty of that, especially this time of year. Cool morning, birds are singing, rabbits are probably trying to figure out a new way to get into the garden after I put up new fencing! I don't mind providing for any who are in need, I just don't think they need to eat anymore of the beans! They munched off about 20 feet of beans the other night. Replanted yesterday. Some plants look as if they still make it. I had put up some plastic fencing last that seemed to work. This year they chewed holes in it. No more nice guy here!
Everything seems to be growing well. Potatoes are doing quite well in the boxes. I have added more dirt and boards to some of them. Will be interesting to see how it works out. Strawberries have been real good this year. Carol has picked a few bowls full so far. Weeds are doing exceptionally well!
We got the back wall put up in the cabin this weekend. Slowly but surely we are getting there. Been cleaning out the cistern. We are going to raise some quail chicks for release. Our friend from Colorado is trying to rebuild game bird populations. A lot of quail and pheasant winter killed in the 80's. Pheasants are doing ok,but quail are slower to repopulate. so we will give it try. Time to go do something constructive. Later----johnnyb

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