Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Time of the year

Summer is still trying to hold on.  90's for a couple of days, and then highs in the 50's for a few days.  I enjoy this time of year.  I like the beauty of fall, especially after a summer with a little moisture.  The trees will be turning soon.  Our little "quakies" should be getting some color in a few weeks. Soon all the leaves are gone, left to fall all over everything you don't want them to.  Then the blandness of the late fall hits.  Kind of like waking up one morning in a world of back and white.  But then , I guess that keeps us from becoming bored with our surroundings.

I will soon have the garden mostly prepared for next spring.  seed catalogs will be arriving in a couple of months and the it starts all over.  Seed catalogs are God's way of getting us gardeners through the bleakness of the dark and long, cold winter  days.  I will start planning my garden as soon as the last planting area is finished.  Actually that is a lie.  I already have some of it planned.  This year I have a small greenhouse.  It could get vicious  before spring!

We have been able to put some canned goods this year.  We have also shared a lot of stuff and have been shared with.  Our one little grape vine produced 15 quarts of juice.  That will make some good jelly.  Also apple, chokecherries and currants.  I can see some wine in my crystal ball!!!

We added to our layer hen population this week.  Our  broody mother hen hatched 4 chicks and we bought another dozen at the farm store.  We need to start phasing out our older ones.  Slowing down in the egg department.

I hope everyone is having a good week.  Just remember there are always valleys before the hills.  Just make sure you have a good head  of steam when you are down at the bottom.  Makes it a lot easier to get started moving ahead and especially up!---johnnyb


  1. JohnnyB,

    I'm looking forward to getting the new catalogs!!!
    We already have plans for the garden setup for the up coming spring.
    Temperatures will be dropping to the 40-50's in a day or so.
    It feels good to be able to put up vegetables and fruit from the garden.

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